Just In: Creature Skateboards Creek Freaks Series


Creature Skateboards brand new Creek Freaks series is in the shop! Designed by Todd Bratrud, these dark, gruesome, and tongue-in-cheek decks are exactly what you’d expect from the twisted minds of Creature. Featuring ugly insects and beautiful women, this series will haunt your dreams – in a good way!

Creature Skateboards Creek Freaks Skateboard Deck – 8.6″ x 32.25″


Creature is known as having the “most evil” skateboarding gear in the industry. Just take one look at their products and you’ll understand! The graphics featured on their skateboard decks are detailed horror creatures such as skeletons, devils, dragons, and snakes. Most of their decks are an eerie green color to keep up with the creature vibe, but they also come in purple and black. Creature skateboard decks are made from strong 7 ply maple and are very durable.

Creature Skateboards Creek Freaks Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 32.04″


If you’re looking for a skateboard deck so evil it’s actually awesome, then Creature Skateboards is for you. Shop their new Creek Freaks series now – if you dare!

Creature Skateboards Creek Freaks Skateboard Deck – 8.12″ x 31.92″


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