Just In: Cliche Skateboards Foil Edition Decks


A “cliché” is a word of phrase that is overused or unoriginal. Which is ironic, since Cliché Skateboards is anything but! In fact, they’ve proved their utter originality once again with their foil edition series.

Cliche Skateboards Max Geronzi Helas Blue Skateboard Deck Includes Free Beanie – 8.12″ x 31.7″


Based in Lyon, France, Cliché was founded by professional skater Jeremie Daclin in 1997. For over fifteen years, Cliché has worked with the world’s best skaters to design premium skateboarding equipment and apparel. Cliché skateboard decks are made of 7 ply maple and epoxy resin glue. They come in a variety of designs featuring images such as head shots of pro skaters as well as their brand name. Their decks are made for all skill levels, catering to both beginners and pros.

Cliche Skateboards JB Gillet Helas Magenta Skateboard Deck Includes Free Beanie – 8″ x 31.7″


These decks are the quality you’ve come to expect from Cliché, which a particular beauty you’ll never forget. A little bling never hurt anyone, amirite?

Cliche Skateboards Flo Mirtain Helas Gold Skateboard Deck Includes Free Beanie – 8″ x 31.7″


If you’re read to shine, you’ll want to buy this deck today. Shop now, while this limited edition board is still in stock!

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