Just In: Bones Brigade Skateboards 10th Series Skateboard Decks


Run with the pros when you cruise on any of the 10th Series skateboard decks from Bones Brigade Skateboards! All throwbacks to the greats, these decks are the perfect tribute to your favorite skaters and the inspirations for your own moves.

Bones Brigade Skateboards Lance Mountain 10th Series Red Old School Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 30.7″


Bones Brigade was founded by professional skateboarder George Powell in 1978. Now one of the longest-lasting skateboard companies on the market, Bones Brigade focuses on developing top-performing skateboard decks inspired from, and tested by, pro skaters like Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill, and Lance Mountain. These 10th Series decks are no exception!

Bones Brigade Skateboards Tommy Guerrero 10th Series Blue Old School Skateboard Deck – 9.6″ x 29.18″


Bones Brigade skateboards are made using quality materials and are built to last! Their decks are perfect for any skill level, and can handle any terrain. So don’t be afraid to take yours around your neighborhood, to the park, or anywhere else you like to cruise.

Bones Brigade Skateboards Tony Hawk 10th Series White Old School Skateboard Deck – 10.45″ x 31.25″


These decks come only with predrilled holes for easy assembly, so you’re free to make them your own with hardware and grip tape selections.

Bones Brigade Skateboards Rodney Mullen Chess 10th Series Natural Old School Skateboard Deck – 7.4″ x 27.62″


Bones Brigade skateboard decks are typically available in several dimensions and colors featuring images like skulls, skeletons, snakes and fire. This particular series is tailored to mirror the styles of the pros for which each board is named.

Bones Brigade Skateboards Steve Caballero 10th Series Red Old School Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 30″


These decks are in limited supply here at Warehouse Skateboards – grab yours today!

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