Just In: Blood Wizard Friends of Forest Series


We can’t get enough of Blood Wizard’s new Friends of the Forest series designed by Omar Gonzales. The designs on these decks are intricate, colorful, and eye-catching – exactly what Blood Wizard is known for!

Blood Wizard Skateboards Ben Krahn Wolf Skateboard Deck – 8.13″ x 31.75″


Featuring animals like wolves, lions, and boars, these creatures are reimagined in a surreal way. If you’re walking through the forest and run into one of these creatures, you’ll wan to run (or skate!) the other way. If on the other hand, you want to show off your wild side, you’ll want to order a deck immediately – these Blood Wizard skateboards are sure to sell out fast!

Blood Wizard Skateboards Chris Gregson Lion Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 32″


Blood Wizard makes skateboards for those with the courage to survive their power. The company says riding one of their boards is like “Riding the lightning edge between life and death.” When it comes to skateboarding, Blood Wizard are intensely passionate about their products! Constructed of 100% maple, Blood Wizard skateboard decks are ready to take on your riding lifestyle. These durable decks can handle any terrain, from smooth pavement to chaotic cobblestone. They are built for any skill level, whether beginner or pro. Their decks feature their iconic blood red color and unique graphics such as dragons, wizards, and Ouija boards.

Blood Wizard Skateboards Jerry Gurney Boar Skateboard Deck – 8.75″ x 32″


Ready to order your Friends of the Forest deck? Head over to the shop now!

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