Just In: Blind Skateboards Reaper Series


If you’re looking for a deck that will slay, check out Blind Skateboard’s brand new Reaper series. These spine-tingling skateboards will knock you dead, but in a good way!

Blind Skateboards Kevin Romar Reaper Skateboard Deck – 8.125″ x 31.8″


Blind was founded in 1989 by pro rider Mark Gonzales. Originally known for their skateboards and jeans, Blind has evolved to include other skateboard equipment and retail. If you don’t like to waste time putting together a skateboard, then you will love Blind complete skateboards!

Blind Skateboards Micky Papa Reaper Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 31.7″


Pre-assembled and ready to go, their skateboards include a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape. Choose from their variety of colorful, graphic designs featuring their brand name and the iconic Grim Reaper logo.

Blind Skateboards Morgan Smith Reaper Skateboard Deck – 8.125″ x 31.8″


Get creative with the look of your board with Blind skateboard decks. Made of 8 ply maple and epoxy resin, their skateboard decks are one step above traditional 7 ply boards.

Blind Skateboards Sam Beckett Reaper Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 32″


If you want a skateboard that will add some life to your routine, Blind has the board for you. Check out their Reaper series today, and order your favorite one now – before it’s too late!

Blind Skateboards TJ Rogers Reaper Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 31.7″


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