Just In: Arbor Skateboards Photo Collection Series


See the sights – without the expense of a trip – with the new Photo Collection Series from Arbor Skateboards! These cruiser and longboard completes are great for any type of skater and can be adapted to most terrains.

Arbor Skateboards Photo Collection Pilsner Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 8.25″ x 28.75″


Since its inception in 1995, The Arbor Collective has grown into a cooperative of designers and artists whose shared goal is building rideable and wearable things from the best stuff possible. Along the way, they’ve managed to combine forward-thinking design and old school craftsmanship, with a continual commitment to the environment. The skateboard division came to be in 1998, and it now offers a wide range of boards and designs for all types of skating, including longboarding.

Arbor Skateboards Photo Collection Axis Longboard Complete Skateboard – 8.8″ x 40″


Arbor Skateboards remains true to its original vision of handmade, quality woodcraft with the artwork and personalized craftsmanship to back it up. As evidenced by the collage-style design that sets apart the series, these boards were constructed with an eye for detail.

Arbor Skateboards Photo Collection Dropcruiser Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.75″ x 38″


The design series is offered on either longboard or cruiser models, which means that skaters of all skill levels and riding styles can enjoy the quality build and structure of the boards. Arbor Skateboards completely assembles them in the factory, so they’re ready to go on adventures with you as soon as they come out of the box!

Arbor Skateboards Photo Collection Rally Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 8.9″ x 30.5″


The series is available through Warehouse Skateboards, but supplies are limited. Order your Arbor skateboard today!

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