Just In: Aluminati Skateboards A-Frame Complete Cruisers Series


Take a nice long ride with Aluminati Skateboards’ A-Frame Complete Cruiser! Warehouse Skateboards has these in stock, completely assembled for your ease and skating pleasure.

Aluminati Skateboards Liquify A-Frame Complete Cruiser Skateboard – 7″ x 24″


Founded in 2013, Aluminati Skateboards is on a mission to create a new type of cruiser board. Constructed from recycled aircraft grade aluminium, Aluminati’s skateboard decks are a force to be reckoned with and sport scratch-resistant graphics to show it. Armed with high quality parts, these boards are ready to take on any challenge, from beginners testing their skills out for the first time to advanced riders performing daring tricks.

Aluminati Skateboards Skittlicious A-Frame Complete Cruiser Skateboard – 7″ x 24″


Measuring 7” x 24” and featuring three signature style graphics, the A-Frames are light and quick thanks to their precisely crafted decks. You’ll be able to rock the streets, parks, and any other of your favorite spots for shredding without worrying about your board getting too heavy or cumbersome.

Aluminati Skateboards Tortola A-Frame Complete Cruiser Skateboard – 7″ x 24″


These killer boards won’t last long – order yours while Warehouse’s supplies last!

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