Just In: Almost Skateboards and Hanna-Barbera Collaboration


Do you miss those long lost Saturday mornings when you’d wake up early and eat endless bowls of cereal in front of the television while watching all your favorite cartoons? Now you can relive those days, thanks to the awesome collaboration between Almost Skateboards and Hanna-Barbera!

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 4.36.56 PM

For over ten years, Almost has been known in the industry for supplying high quality skateboarding equipment. The Almost team incorporates new, innovative technologies into their products, and their skateboards are no exception. Made with epoxy resin, Almost complete skateboards are pre-assembled and ready to take out for riding! If you want to build your own custom board, check out their selection of decks. Almost skateboard decks are described as durable and “uber light,” made for skaters looking to push their trick skills to the next level. Guaranteed to turn heads, their decks feature fun graphics such as superheros, supervillians, and the Almost logo.

Almost Skateboards Cooper Wilt Yogi Bear Fade Resin-7 Skateboard Deck – 8.37″ x 32″


Hanna-Barbera was an American animation studio that dominated American television animation for three decades in the mid-to-late 20th century, responsible for hits like The Flintstones, Josie and the Pussycats, and the Fantastic Four. You watched them. You laughed at them. You loved them. Now, after all these years, you can finally ride them.

Almost Skateboards Chris Haslam Captain Caveman Fade Resin-7 Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 32″


We love this collaboration because it combines two of our favorite things – cartoons and skateboarding. Plus the graphics are fresh and funny, and the quality of Almost Skateboards can’t be beat. Whether your fan of Tom & Jerry or Droopy Dog, you’ll find the childhood hero you’ve been searching for.

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