Introducing the First Skateboarding Car


Rob Drydek and Formula One Drift Driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. decided to make a “skateboarding car”  with the new 2011 Mustang and put it to the test with grind plates, rails, and a quarter pipe.  The act was performed for Season 3 of Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory and will premiere on July 12th at 9:30 ET on MTV. Check out the preview below and their huge backside turn!

Ever since I started drifting, I was constantly reminded how close it is to skateboarding in the fact that it is truly a lifestyle and an action sport that takes a ton of passion and talent. Whether you are on a board or manhandling a car, you can have the freedom to show off your personality and style. For about three years now, I have been dreaming of taking the car control I have from drifting and doing skateboard tricks with a Mustang. I didn’t even have to mention the idea twice to Rob, as he was all about it immediately. He was not scared behind the wheel either! Believe me when I tell you, he also went BIG in the skateboard car,” Vaughn said.

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