IASC Presents Local Skateshop Day


The International Association of Skateboard Companies is pleased to announce the creation of Local Skateshop Days, two full days honoring specialty skateboard retailers. The celebration, set for October 9-10, 2010, will encourage manufacturers to focus their attention on the front lines of their distribution, the core skateboard retailer. IASC members will take this opportunity to create special promotions for their key retailers and show their recognition of shops worldwide that are the cornerstone of the skateboarding scene in their communities.

“Skate shops have always been essential to the heart, soul and spirit of skateboarding.” Says Don Brown, IASC Chairman of the Board. “By creating “Local Skateshop Day” skateboarding, as a whole, can focus on driving awareness, energy, support and friendship to our family on the front lines- the core retailer. It’s essential that we do whatever it takes to support these shops in order to keep the true passion and creativity of skateboarding alive. Let the good times roll!”

Local Skateshop Day will utilize many of the successful elements from Go Skateboarding Day, a worldwide celebration of skateboarding created by IASC in 2004 and held every year on June 21. Look for more information on Local Skateshop Day on and coming to a skateshop near you!

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