How to Fall Safely on a Skateboard


When you think of skateboarding, do you worry about the risk? Mom will tell you not to go for it, but we promise that the fun of skating makes it totally worth it to hone your skill!

It’s true; you do have to protect yourself from the more serious injuries every time you set foot on a skateboard. Recent studies have shown, though, that the more common mishaps don’t always involve broken bones. A lot of skaters – experienced or just starting out – tend to fracture ankles and wrists while catching themselves, but more still sustain mainly sprains.

So how do you avoid some of those harder falls? The staff and avid skaters here at Warehouse Skateboards have a couple of tips for you to take with you on your next trip to the skate park, or even just around the block.

Hands off

It sounds counterintuitive, but every good skater learns that there’s a way to catch yourself without using your hands and risking one of those common fractures we mentioned. Instead, try rolling out of your fall by tucking your elbows in toward your body and letting your shoulder or back maneuver you safely out of harm’s way.

You’ll definitely want to practice this a little before you hit the street, but all you need is a soft patch of grass in your backyard or an exercise mat, and you can rig up a trial space! Just remember to roll with the fall, and try not to tense up too much on the way down. You’ll be able to bear the brunt on your shoulder, and natural force will carry you through the roll from there without putting your bones at risk.

Just run with it

There’s an expression that says you should, “learn how to run out of tricks.” For skateboarders, that means knowing when to hop off the skateboard and use the momentum so your feet carry you to safety!

This, too, will take a bit of practice to really pull it off, but it’s a simple solution once you have it down-pat. When you feel yourself getting out of control, or maybe speeding along a tad too quickly for your liking, just look ahead for a safe footfall and step right off, jogging to a stop while your skateboard goes on without you.

The main thing to remember – and we can’t stress this enough – is to always gear up when you decide to go skateboarding! Especially while you master these and other bail-out skills, skateboard safety is absolutely important; learning these neat tricks won’t do you much good if you forget your helmet. So cover those commonly injured spots, grab your skateboard, and start falling in style!

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