How to Buy Longboard Wheels


Looking to buy longboard wheels? You have come to the right place for help. Our Warehouse Skateboards Longboard Skateboard Buyers Guide is a great resource.

Wheel Size and Hardness

It is extremely important to choose the correct wheels when assembling your board. Longboard wheels tend to be larger than standard skateboard wheels, and usually ride better on rougher surfaces. This allows riders to reach a higher top speed compared to riding smaller wheels. The durometer for longboard wheels usually range from 75a to 90a.


Wheel Shape

Longboard skateboard wheels also come in many different shapes to suit various riding styles. Wheels with rounded lips are better for cruising, freeriding and sliding, rather than downhill racing. Having a rounded lip allows the wheel to enter into slides with ease. Having the rounded lip when racing may create issues, because the edges will not grip the street when turning. Wheels that have straight edges rather than a round edge are typically designed to give riders more grip and control. Straight edge wheels work great for downhill racers that need to grip the street.


Wheel Bite

Wheel bite occurs when your deck and wheels rub together. It usually occurs when you are turning hard or when you land a trick, in which you stop immediately upon impact. Where your deck meets your wheels you are usually left with an indent. To reduce this from happening you should look into assembling your board with riser pads or medium to hi skateboard trucks.


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If you still have questions about longboard skateboard wheel sizing, refer to our Longboard Skateboard Buying Guide or contact Customer Service.

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