Goodbye TechDeck, Hello Ryan Sheckler Omni Tech Action Figure


Ryan Sheckler and Action Sports Toys LLC has taken figure skateboarding to the next level. Goodbye TechDeck’s, Hello Omni Tech Action Figurines! You can have complete control over Ryan Sheckler and make him flip and spin the board to master your favorite trick. This is the most realistic fingerskate toys ever made, just use the Omni Tech handle to control Sheckler and the board. The handle has four knobs, two for the board controller, one for the figure and one for the legs.

“Action Sports Toys LLC is “putting action into action figures™.” Action Sports Toys LLC has created a sophisticated, technically advanced method of manipulating toys with unlimited movements, unmatched playability, freedom of expression, and hands-on fun. Michael Bellon, inventor of the Omnidirectional Toy Manipulator, has invented a Handle that will manipulate 2 toys in a puppet-like manner that makes them seemingly look like they’re moving on their own. The Handle Controller will move an action figure and a skateboard together or independently, this allows the toy to move with life-like movement and mimic the tricks pros execute.”

The Ryan Sheckler Omni Tech Action Figurine is the perfect stocking stuffer! Available now at Warehouse Skateboards.


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