Just In: Girl Skateboards Diamond Skateboard Deck Series


How fancy do you feel this spring? If you’re going for a bold new look, or just want your chance to shine out there at your local skate park, we recommend one of the latest decks from Girl Skateboards!

Girl Skateboards Brandon Biebel Diamond Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 31.5″


Based in Torrance, California, Girl has been offering incredible skateboard equipment and apparel to skaters of all skill levels for more than twenty years. As a distribution company, they own Girl products as well as those from other well-known brands like Chocolate, Royal, Ruby Republic, and Fourstar Clothing.

Girl Skateboards Mike Carroll Diamond Skateboard Deck – 8.37″ x 31.75″


Girl skateboard decks are constructed from strong, 7-ply maple wood and are each named after a Girl team member. The decks arrive on your doorstep with predrilled holes for easy assembly, and the rest of the hardware is up to you to pick out and modify to your liking. No matter if you prefer to skate the street or hit your local park, these skateboard decks can be tailored to fit your needs.

This deck series displays a classic solid background color, one of the brand’s basic drawings of a stick figure girl, and then a dash of flare with the addition of the diamond detail. The pros over at Girl have certainly outdone themselves, and you’ll benefit from a sturdy build and shiny new design while you skate your way through spring and summer afternoons!

Girl Skateboards Jeron Wilson Diamond Skateboard Deck – 7.75″ x 31.125″


Just like any decent rock, these embellished skateboard decks from Girl Skateboards are rare gems that you won’t find just anywhere! Order yours from Warehouse Skateboards today.

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