Etnies takes Skate and Create 09 with “The Legend of Boxton Square”


Intro by Terry Snyder: etnies Art Director
We aired out a lot of ideas leading up to S&C, but it was Mike Manzoori’s dream sequence storyboard filled with a cardboard city that had us sold. It fit what we wanted to do visually—the photos and video would be equally striking, and it was “do-able.” The props were lightweight, mostly recycled, the unknown obstacles could be styled to match our set, the video had a beginning, middle, and end, and it was guaranteed to be unique. The stage was set.

Enter Sean Malto… the perfect person to carry out the lighthearted storyline. The story actually starts at TransWorld’s warehouse when he receives a package and finds himself getting sucked into Boxton Square, a cardboard dream city full of places to skate. It was a labor of love for all of us, and it shows through in the photos and video. We couldn’t have asked for a better video director and crew, photographer, set designers, support staff, or team of skateboarders. Everyone ripped.

etnies Teamriders: MVP Sean Malto, Kyle Leeper, Mikey Taylor, Tyler Bledsoe, Davis Torgerson
Directed and Edited by Mike Manzoori
Concept and Creative Direction by Sharon Tomlin
Supervising Art Director Terry Synder

-Transworld Skateboarding

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