Tired Skateboards

We’re Dreaming of 2016 Tired Skateboards


Do you feel winded just from walking up the stairs? Do you consider getting out of bed in the morning a mad core workout? Does pulling that door open exhaust your biceps? Then Tired is the brand for you!

Let’s face it: If we don’t know exactly what we are doing, we at least want to look good doing it. Tired Skateboards is for the skaters who would rather put style and fun before mastering gnarly tricks.  Check out the unique and totally abstract graphics on their t-shirts, blending pop culture icons and fun shakes into one hysterical masterpiece. Or choose one of their rad hats. Want to try a little harder? Wear yourself out and get one of their short board decks!

Tired Skateboards Sleeping Dog White T-Shirt

Tired Skateboards t-shirt

Tired Skateboards Bones Blue Snapback Hat

Tired Skateboards hat

Tired Skateboard Decks

Tired Skateboards deckTired Skateboards deckTired Skateboards deck

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