Does Your Priest Skate?


Saw this video and got a laugh. What if you went to go skate and called up priest Zoltan to go with you?

London’s Daily Telegraph reported the black-robed Hungarian priest Zoltan Lendavi, who stars in “Funny Priest Skateboarding”, is shown talking to teenagers while doing tricks on his board in a bizarre clip that so far received 170,000 hits.

The 45-year-old said his unusual methods were a way of getting teenagers to come back to church. “There are many ways skateboarding can help bring people closer to God,” he said, adding that three teenage boys who never before came to church before now regularly attended Mass.  Lendavi said he was inspired by Saint Don Bosco, who used games to engage with young people in 19th-Century Italy and whose name still graces youth centers around the world.


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