Deckstool’s Recycled Skateboard Furniture


Deck Stool

Believe it or not, the Deckstools are only made with five skateboard decks, one set of old trucks and a couple bolts. You wouldn’t think they would be that sturdy but I stood on one and it didn’t even wiggle. All the broken skateboard decks have been collected from skaters and skateshops around the USA. They sides of the boards are sanded down to ensure the most comfortable sit. The neat thing is that no stool is alike and you can send in your own broken decks to get your own custom stool.

The Deckstool Story

The Deckstool began when my brother Adam handed me a pile of his old, broken skateboard decks and asked me to turn them into a piece of furniture. Looking at the decks, I was inspired by the consistent way they were broken, about 75% of them were broken at the truck and 25% were broken in half. The longer, more abundant “broken at the truck” decks seemed to be natural legs for the design and the smaller, less plentiful “broken in half” decks looked like they would make a good seat. After playing with these basic components for a while and incorporating an old skateboard truck to tie the pieces together, a mutant, proto-deckstool appeared. After many more broken skateboards and progressively more refined stool prototypes, the current deckstool was born.

You can go get your own Deckstool on their website at

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