Decenzo Qualifies First in Street League


After a throw down of epic proportions yesterday, Ryan Decenzo has anchored his spot in the 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour. Yesterday’s round was one of the more intense, hammer dropping rounds we’ve seen in a long time. To put how close this round was into perspective, after placing sixth, second and taking the win in Los Angeles, Decenzo finalized with a total score of 266. Greg Lutzka, who had been neck and neck with Decenzo, walked away with a total score of 265, one point behind. However close it was, nobody can deny that Decenzo deserved it. After throwing down a flawless nollie heelflip nose slide shuv-it out in the control section as well as a massive 360 flip down the 5 stair in the impact section, Decenzo hands down proved his worthiness of the 2014 Street League Tour. However, Ryan is now up against the best of the best in skateboarding on Friday. Legends such as Paul Rodriguez, Chris Cole and Nyjah Huston are as good as it gets in the Street League Tour, and we can’t wait to see how the finals unfold.


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