Just In: Creature Skateboards Apparitions Skateboard Deck Series


No, you’re not seeing things – Creature Skateboards has a new Apparitions skateboard deck series! These spectral designs made their way to Warehouse Skateboards just in time to scare up some buzz this Halloween! 

Creature Skateboards Al Partanen Apparitions Skateboard Deck Large – 9.84 x 32.28″


Creature skateboard decks are made from 7-ply maple wood and are very durable. They also arrive with predrilled holes for easy assembly and customization, so you can rig them up to ride the way you want. Perfect for all skill levels, the Apparitions series comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate every skater.

Creature Skateboards Al Partanen Apparitions Skateboard Deck Medium – 8.8″ x 32.39


Creature is known for having the most sinister skateboarding gear on the market; just take one look at their products and you’ll understand why! Graphics featured on their skateboard decks are detailed depictions of horrific creatures such as skeletons, devils, dragons, snakes and even robots. An eerie green color to keep up with the creature vibe is their norm, but they also come in purple and black designs. The Apparitions series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the creepiness of these otherworldly visitors!

Creature Skateboards Al Partanen Apparitions Skateboard Deck Small – 8.47″ x 32.125″


Hurry and order your Creature Skateboards Apparitions skateboard deck today – unlike their namesakes, these decks are unlikely to hang around on Warehouse Skateboards’ shelves!

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