Concrete Wave’s Zip Zap Skate Shop Locater


Concrete Wave is developing a new iPhone App called Zip Zap which allows consumers to find out which skate shops carry their favorite brand.  Manufacturers will be able to list their information on Concrete Wave and get free advertising out of it. Concrete Wave is also initiating a contest to push all the retailers to sign up for the program.  Here is what Michael Brooke told Transworld Business about the new App:

“Back in 2009, Concrete Wave magazine investigated the concept of making skaters aware of the multitude of brands that a specific shop carried.  If you think about it, the types of brands a shop carries define its personality, just as the types of skate products you use and wear define who you are.  We came up with the idea of merging a database of independent brick and mortar shops with a database of dozens of skateboard companies.

We named the application “Zip Zap” because of the speed at which it works and how it works.  You punch in a ZIP code along with a brand name, and in less than a second, you have a list of skate shops within a 10-mile area that carry this brand. Simple and effective.  We encourage all independent skate shops in the USA to join up and register their shop.  ZipZap is a free program, and we know consumers will benefit.  You can access it via our website,  It’s free to download the app from the iPhone store. Plans are also underway to have the entire data base searchable at

Shops that register before May 31st will have an opportunity to win either an iPad or up to $10,000 in ad space in Concrete Wave Magazine.  Find out more and register your shop. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free!  Visit the online form here.”

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