Complete your skateboard with hardware & accessories


You’ve found the perfect skateboard deck, skate truck, and wheels. Now all you need to do is assemble your board. Here’s what you’ll need to start rolling:


Bearings vary quite a bit in quality, but not in size. You don’t want to compromise the quality of your skateboard with cheap bearings. The more expensive ones are actually made better; they’re sealed better, have more inner ball-bearings and higher quality metals are used.

Warehouse Skateboard only sells high-quality bearings, so feel safe to grab what’s in stock!

Riser Pads

If you’ve got a smaller board with wheels smaller than 55mm, you probably don’t need risers. Larger wheels are prone to rubbing the underside of the deck on a hard turn which can cause wheel bite. In general, the longer the board and the larger the wheels, the more height is needed in a riser pad.

You should also consider shock absorption. Softer and thicker riser pads absorb more shock and vibration. Downhillers, cruisers and street carvers often opt for thick risers to absorb street vibrations and ensure that their wheels don’t rub the deck when leaning into carves.

Trick, ramp and park skaters are better off with thin, soft risers to absorb some shock during landings from aerials, kick flips and ollies. The shock absorption also helps keep hardware from vibrating loose on rougher surfaces.

Check out the available riser pads at Warehouse Skateboards!

Skateboard hardware

Choosing the right skateboard hardware is simple. If you’re getting riser pads, go with longer bolts. If you’re not, go with the shorter ones. Even if you end up getting them too long, it’s just a few strokes with the hacksaw to trim them down, so play it safe.

What size hardware do I need?

Bolt Size

Riser Size

7/8″ to 1″

No Riser

1″ to 1 1/8″

1/8″ Riser

1 1/4″

1/4″ Riser

1 1/2″

1/2″ Riser

Now you’re ready to assemble your board. Why not make it easy on yourself? When you build a complete skateboard at Warehouse Skateboards, we’ll assemble it free! Start building today!

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