Chris Cole Takes Street League By Force


For those who were fortunate enough to catch the Super Crown World Championship put on by Street League Skateboarding…what a show.   Eight of the world’s best skateboarders got together and battled it out for the ultimate title in modern skateboarding.  The Flow Section was an intense introduction to how the rest of the competition would unfold.  Paul Rodriguez, who  was expected to have a shaky run due to a minor back injury the day before skated surprisingly well and landing incredibly tough tricks, including a switch flip back tail.  He finished off the flow section with a mind blowing switch Frontslide Bluntslide down the huge hubba rail.   However, Chris Cole and Sean Malto additionally skated phenomenally following closely behind Rodriguez into the Control Section.  To open the Control Section nicely, Sean Malto stomped a Backside Overcrook grind to an incredibly smooth Nollie Flip out to take the early lead that wouldn’t be beat by anybody else.  It was no surprise when Chris Cole rose to the occasion and shook the competition with tricks such as a 360 flip noseblunt slide, which was soon followed by a frontside bluntslide to a seemingly impossible backside flip out.   However Chris Cole’s final score in the Control Section was a 9.1, while Malto’s first hammer earned him a 9.2; just enough to win the Control Section.  The Impact Section was a complete battle royal.  Regardless of the notable lines laid down by Luan Oliviera, Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston and Sean Malto, Chris Cole came out the champion once again with consistent, extremely advanced tricks.  Cole left the tournament $200,000 richer with the addition of a nice trophy and a custom Nixon SLS watch and ring set, worth a total of $20,000.
chris cole

street league watch

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