Choosing a preassembled complete skateboard


Preassembled complete skateboards are great for novice skaters who want a board with all the right parts. They’re also great for the skate-masters who know precisely what they want, since many completes are built with components from top skateboard brands.

There are different types of skateboards for different types of riding. Here’s a rundown on the different types and what they’re for:

  • Short, narrow boards with small wheels and trucks: Technical, trick skating. Boards are light, low and easy to flip around under your feet.
  • Short, but wider with mid-size wheels and trucks: The standard board for everything from tricks to ramps to street. Stable, but still light and agile.
  • Longer, wider boards with wide trucks and big wheels: Better carving and street riding on rougher surfaces. Good for some ramp and park skating, but mostly for carving or downhill skating.

Most boards these days are symmetrical, so they can be flipped around and ridden the same way. Longboards and retro-boards (“old-school” classics) tend to have a definite, pointed nose and a squarish tail. They weren’t intended to be ridden backwards. When you’re carving or downhill skating on a longer board, you just don’t do a lot of reversing. The old-school asymmetrical boards are just classics that are revered from the early days of park and ramp skating.

If you’re just getting started and want the universal board, go with a symmetrical (both ends look the same) board as described in the middle bullet above.

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