Building a complete skateboard for kids


We’ve added some new information to the Warehouse Skateboards buying guide to make it easier to find the right skateboard for skaters 12 and under. Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when building a kids skateboard.

Deck size will determine the size of all of the other skateboard components. Use this chart to make sure you get it right (click to enlarge):


  • The total width of your truck should match your skateboard deck width.
  • All skateboard bearings are the same size, so it’ s not necessary to search for smaller bearings for kids’ skateboards.
  • Small decks and wheels do not require risers pads, but adding shock pads can reduce the occurrence of wheel bite.
  • Standard 1-inch hardware works with most deck sizes, even smaller kids’ skateboard decks.

For more detailed information on building complete skateboards for skaters of all ages and sizes, visit the Warehouse Skateboards skateboard buying guide.

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