Brand Spotlight: The Friend Ship Skateboards


The Friend Ship is an art-driven skateboard company headed by a self-proclaimed “team of weirdos.” We can get on board with that!


Founded in 2014, The Friend Ship is a skateboard brand that’s already making a name for themselves – probably because skaters around the world can’t get enough of them! This American company specializes in skate decks and are major believers and supporters of the idea that the entire building process can, should, and will be completed within the United States.

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The Friend Ship skateboard decks are available in cruiser and traditional shapes to suit all riding styles. They’re constructed from traditional 7 ply maple and have varying degrees of concave for extra foothold. Colorful and vibrant, their boards are truly works of art when it comes to design. From cartoonish drawings to parodies of famous television shows like The Simpsons, The Friend Ship pushes for a carefree, laid back theme.

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These decks are perfect for beginners to learn on and for more advanced riders to push to the edge with awesome technical tricks. They’re built to take on any terrain, from skateparks to ditches. The Friend Ship boards are one-of-a-kind and taking the industry by storm. If you’re looking for a new brand to support, you won’t be disappointed with what this company has to offer!

The Friend Ship skateboard decks can be found in our shop. Check out the awesome designs up for grabs and make a new friend today!


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