Brand Spotlight: RAD


Geared towards the downhill and freeride scene, Rider Approved Designs (RAD) is the latest addition to the Warehouse Skateboard family. Want to know what RAD’s about? Look no further than their name. Each product released from RAD is designed by the riders who actually use them, which means they’re the real deal. That’s why we’re now carrying their awesome skateboard wheels.


What makes these wheels so RAD? First of all, the company spent over a year developing them. The result is the debut of their Advantage and Release Formula wheels. These wheels have been developed for serious riders looking to improve their skateboarding experience. Rider Approved Designs is a skater driven company, where all products are designed by the riders to maximize performance and the riding experience. Unlike most other wheels on the market today, all of RAD’s products have been designed from the core out. Don’t just take our word for it, give ‘em a try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!


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