Brand Spotlight: Pizza Skateboards


Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime. When pizza’s on a skateboard, you can ride pizza anytime.



Yeah, that’s right. We went there. And you will too, when you see these awesome new decks from Pizza SkateboardsPizza Skateboards is a fun deck brand whose sole purpose is to bow down to the gods of pizza with their themed boards. You know it’s a Pizza board because the word “pizza” is incorporated into their deck graphics in the most creative ways possible.


From simple big logo boards with traditional green,red, and white backgrounds to parodies of the Chuck E. Cheese’s mascot and The Simpsons, Pizza Skateboards are fun, and entertaining. But enough about the graphics – it’s about the functionality too. Pizza boards are constructed from traditional 7 ply maple wood to ensure the finest durability for your riding style and they have a medium concave style for a solid pop.


These decks are served fresh by Warehouse Skateboards – grab a slice of this brand while you still can!

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