Bamboo skateboards make skating greener


You’re already saving gas and cutting emissions by skateboarding instead of driving to get where you need to go. How can you be even greener? Consider a bamboo skateboard made from one of the world’s fastest growing renewable resources.

Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant, which means the materials used to make bamboo skateboards are replaced faster than maple and other hardwoods.

You don’t have to sacrifice the ride or design by going with a bamboo skateboard. Many of your favorite brands have picked up on the trend, and they’re designing some of the coolest boards out there.

Bamboo is uniquely light and strong, providing the perfect amount of flex, pop, and durability.

Check out Warehouse Skateboards for our huge inventory of bamboo skateboards from your favorite brands, including Sector 9 bamboo skateboards, Barfoot bamboo skateboards, GoodWood bamboo skateboards, San Clemente bamboo skateboards.

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