Warehouse Skateboards Supports Autism Skate Event


On August 20, The Brooklyn Arts Center, located in Wilmington, NC was transformed into a full skatepark to introduce skateboarding to kids with autism. As a proud supporter and sponsor of this skate event, Warehouse Skateboards was able to contribute 7 skateboard decks and lots of stickers for the kids.

The event was held by The A.Skate Foundation, a non-profit organization that holds skateboarding clinics nationwide for kids with autism. A.Skate Foundation promotes the education and awareness, as well as, giving “Grants for Gear” to autistic kids to purchase skateboarding gear. Be sure to check out The A.Skate Foundation!

The Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews, recently restored and refurbished into an event venue, made for the perfect skatepark venue, complete with custom-made stairs, rails and skateboard ramps. The skating clinic brought out many kids and volunteers, and Warehouse Skateboards was extremely honored to be a part of such a great cause.

Check out WECT’s coverage of the event: Therapeutic skateboarding for kids with autism.

More A.Skate event footage!

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