Just In: Aluminati Skateboards NBA “Retro Cruiser” Cruiser Skateboard Deck Series


Just in time for March Madness, the latest cruiser skateboard deck series from Aluminati Skateboards is a slam dunk! Show some team spirit with one of these NBA-inspired tributes to the best of both skating and basketball.

Aluminati Skateboards NBA Celtics “Retro Cruiser” Cruiser Skateboard Deck – 9″ x 32.25″


Founded in 2013, Aluminati is on a mission to create a new type of cruiser board. Constructed from recycled aircraft grade aluminium, Aluminati’s skateboard decks are a force to be reckoned with and sport scratch-resistant graphics to show it. Armed with high quality parts, these boards are ready to take on any challenge, from beginners testing their skills out for the first time to advanced riders performing daring tricks.

Aluminati Skateboards NBA Nuggets “Retro Cruiser” Cruiser Skateboard Deck – 9″ x 32.25″


Built to last, these NBA-themed decks bring out the old school designs used for some of your favorite teams, including those we’ve featured in this post! So whether you’re a die-hard Celtics fan, a Warriors fanatic, or if you root for the Nuggets, we’ve got a classic cruiser deck for you. The best part is that once you’ve purchased the deck, the rest of the hardware and add-ons are up to you to pick. The deck will arrive on your doorstep with predrilled holes for you to attach the trucks, so it’s completely customizable even beyond which team you like best.

Aluminati Skateboards NBA Warriors “Retro Cruiser” Cruiser Skateboard Deck – 9″ x 32.25″


You’d be mad not to snatch up one of these NBA “Retro Cruiser” skateboard decks from Aluminati! Order yours from Warehouse Skateboards today, and you’ll be traveling in style before you know it.

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