Alec Majerus Goes Pro


If you haven’t already witnessed Alec Majerus killing it throughout the Berrics, placing third at the 2014 Tampa Pro or nailing steezy backside flips at the 2014 X-Games, then you probably don’t follow skateboarding as much as you should. We’ve been keeping an eye on Alec ever since his first run at the 2009 Tampa Am qualifiers. Alec’s got more pop than a bunny rabbit on steroids and his control is just insane.

Fortunately for Alec, flipping burgers and taking orders is no longer in his future, as Flip Skateboards has officially taken him under their wing as their newest pro rider. Two boards have already been designed, pressed and cut up for Alec. Both of Alec’s pro model decks will be 8.25″ wide by 32.31″ long, while one of the two will be joining the Flip P2 collection. Congrats to Alec, we can’t wait to see his next section in Transworld Skateboarding’s newest video.

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