Just In: Bones Wheels Josh Hawkins Street Tech Formula


Avoid getting yourself into a pickle with these awesome new Bones wheels from Josh Hawkins. Like all Bones Wheels, these bad boys offer superior quality, performance, and durability. Plus, they offer some of the sickest designs. I mean, look at them:

Bones Wheels Josh Hawkins Street Tech Formula Water White Skateboard Wheels – 52mm 83b (Set of 4)


Bones Wheels are the gold standard for skateboard wheels in the industry. They are a higher quality alternative for skaters that want the very best in construction, speed, and precision. Bones skateboard wheels are made of different urethane formulas. Wheel sets such as their Street Tech Formula and Skatepark Formula are uniquely shaped to be most effective on various surfaces. Their unique core design and anti flat spot engineering make Bones Wheels an incredibly durable choice.


Grab these beauties and all our Bones wheels in the shop!

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