Just In: Andale’s Daewon Donut Bearings


We hope you’re hungry, because the new Daewon Song’s Signature Pro Rated Bearings from Andale are looking downright delicious. Designed and tested by pro-skater Daewon Song, they’re built to withstand the wear, tear, and inevitable abuse of everyday skateboarding.

Andale Bearings Daewon Song Donuts Precision Skateboard Bearings


Skater owned and operated, Andale was founded by skate legends Joey Brezinski and Paul Rodriguez. This company pushes the limit with their high quality skateboard bearings! Andale mainly focuses on bearings because they know it’s an important component to skating and a supporter for your wheels. Their steel race bearings are regularly high impact tested to ensure their durability and reliability. They also have non-contact, removable rubber shields for easy cleaning and less friction. Andale skateboard bearings are offered in ABEC 5 and 7 ratings and Swiss ceramics. The higher the rating, the better the quality. Compared to the finest steel balls, their ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger, and long-lasting. They allow you to accelerate faster on your board, and travel farther than ever before! If you like the look of these Daewon Song Donuts Precision Skateboard Bearings, then take a bite of them now, before they’re all gone!

If you want to learn more about bearings, check out our guide to choosing the right skateboard bearings. It’s an awesome 101-style guide that will teach you everything you need to know so you can shop and skate like a pro.

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