5 Tricks to Learn This Summer


School’s out for summer, and that means sunny afternoons, warmer temperatures, free time: perfect for amping up your skating game!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it never hurts to try something new or revisit an old favorite after a few months of colder weather and limited opportunities for skating. Here at Warehouse Skateboards, we’re all about taking advantage of optimal outdoor skateboarding opportunities! Here are some of the tricks we thought you might like to master before school’s back in session.

Nollie Shove It

For beginners, this is the perfect step up from the Nollie, which is a basic move that hops your board up off the pavement as you continue moving forward. When you upgrade to the Nollie Shove It, you use a bit of pressure from your foot on the nose of your skateboard and, with the tiniest nudge, achieve the hop as well as a 180-degree spin of the board. It’s a great trick to learn in order to build up your basic knowledge and work towards the tougher maneuvers.

Rail Stand

Another good move for beginners, the Rail Stand is when you set your feet up on the edge of the board, flipping it on its side so that you achieve a brief balancing act. All it takes is just enough pressure to tip the skateboard sideways, stepping over it with one foot as the other helps you keep your stance. Then, it joins its fellow on the ledge for a moment while you balance. With a slight push forward, you right the board and go about your way.


If you’ve got a little more skateboarding practice under your belt and you’re ready to move onto something a bit more challenging, the Heelflip is a cool alternative to a Kickflip. This is all about getting some height by pushing through your heel and using the same sliding motion as you would in an Ollie to lift off the pavement with your other foot. This gives you more control and a smoother transition from one stage to the next.

Varial Kickflip

For the more seasoned skater, the Varial Kickflip could also be called the 180 Shove It Kickflip; in fact, it once was! But, the execution is exactly as it sounds. This trick is actually a combination of the basic Kickflip and Pop Shove It. Position yourself as though for the Kickflip, then transition into the Shove It motion of your back foot to help you pull off the flip of your front foot. The 180 comes naturally, then, so all you have to do is stick the landing.

Crooked Grind

Finally, if you’re one of our more advanced skaters, we recommend trying your board at the Crooked Grind. Find your favorite skate park’s most sturdy obstacle and go at it at a parallel angle with plenty of speed. Once you’re close, pop the ollie and land so that you catch the right grinding edge, balancing with all your weight on the nose of your board. You’ll hold that with your back foot up, and then when you can go no further, hop down for a nice smooth landing.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for some skating action this summer! While you work on these tricks, tag Warehouse Skateboards in your social media posts so we can see how you’re coming along, and shop our stocks when you need to update your gear.

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