5 Places You Haven’t Thought of Skating this Summer


It’s summertime and while the pavement might be baking in those longer daylight hours, we’ve got the perfect solution for soaking up the sun – get out and skate!

But if you’re an avid skater in your neighborhood, you might be wondering how you can spice up your skating route or find new ways to enjoy a favorite sport. Here at Warehouse Skateboards, we get wanting to branch out every now and then and came up with a few off-the-wall locations you’ll want to check out this summer – just check to be sure skateboarding is allowed in these hotspots near you before you get started!


With summer classes in session, you’re likely to still need to share the sidewalks and railings with local college kids, but if the university gives you the OK, we don’t see any reason why you can’t take advantage of an urban set-up to get in some more skateboard practice this summer! If you can, time your sessions when students will be indoors, and then the campus will be yours for a while.

Daily Driver

It won’t exactly help you beat the heat, but another way to get in some decent skateboarding is to make your skateboard your daily driver. This works best for those of you who live in a more urban setting with well-maintained sidewalks and accommodations for bike riders. If this sounds like your area, take this summer to get some exercise even when you have somewhere to be!

Your Backyard – No, Really!

You’ll want to clear this with Mom, your roommates, or anyone else you might be living with first, but your own property can work just as well as any park in terms of learning a few new tricks. Just don’t disturb the flowerbeds in the pursuit of better form!

On Your Way to the Beach

Even if you don’t live near a coastline, you might be planning a visit to the nearest beach this summer. Make sure you pack your skateboard! Beach towns might offer completely new parks for you to explore, or even more lax regulations concerning skating in public areas than your hometown.

On Break  

That summer job can make it difficult to do all the things you’d rather be enjoying this summer – or does it? Check with your boss, then bring your skateboard to work and take it for a spin when you do on break!

There are lots of ways to practice your skateboarding moves this summer, but the important thing is that you’re getting out, being active, having fun, and staying safe. Check out our stock of completes, skateboard decks, apparel, safety gear, and more. Happy skating!

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