The Warehouse Skateboards 2018 Ultimate Holiday Buying Guide


It’s the most wonderful (and the busiest) time of year! As Christmas approaches, that list of gifts to buy, plans to make, and errands to run seems to grow ever longer.

Don’t sweat it; the Warehouse Skateboards staff has got your back. If you can’t seem to find the perfect gift for the skater on your list, check out some of our top picks listed below in the annual Holiday Buying Guide! Warehouse Skateboards stocks the most popular skate and surf brands at great prices, so you can get the top products shipped right to your door in time to fill that space beneath the Christmas tree.

Build Your Own Board

Already know everything about building a skateboard from scratch? Cool! If you feel confident constructing a quality board for a friend or family member, our custom board builder is for you. It goes step-by-step, so you don’t forget anything important and your board is ready to go upon delivery!

Complete Skateboards

Maybe you don’t have time to customize a board, or maybe you want to get something special for an experienced skater but don’t know brand bearings from trucks. No problem! Warehouse carries all the best complete skateboards, assembled entirely before they even arrive on your doorstep, and buying guides to help you make a sound purchase.

A few of our favorite complete skateboards:

Birdhouse Skateboards Tony Hawk Spiral Grey Complete Skateboard – 7.75″ x 31.25″


Blind Skateboards Retro Reaper Scout Black Complete Skateboard Includes Free Backpack! – 7.75″ x 31″


Element Skateboards Yang Complete Skateboard – 7.87″ x 31.25″


Pre-assembled Cruisers

If you know someone who prefers to coast or use a skateboard as a daily driver, consider one of our cruiser skateboards. Cruisers are a type of longboard, which means a longer deck and higher, looser trucks for a ride that actually mimics the sensation of surfing.

Top cruiser complete skateboards:

Sector 9 Ray Collins Ninety Five Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 8.37″ x 30.5″


Landyachtz Battle Axe 35 Cougar Black Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9″ x 35.25″


Penny Skateboards Star Wars R2D2 22 Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 6″ x 22″


Awesome New Decks

We’ve got tons of great deck designs for you to choose from, either for you or for someone on your shopping list. A new skateboard deck makes the perfect gift for an avid skater, whose skate gear takes a beating regularly enough to keep Santa busy all year.

Our best recommendations for skateboard decks:

Almost Skateboards Daewon Song FM Dark Knight Batman Skateboard Deck Resin-7 – 8.25″ x 31.9″


Blind Skateboards Foliage Skateboard Deck – 7.75″ x 31.2″


Blind Skateboards Cody McEntire Trucks Pink Skateboard Deck Resin-7 – 8″ x 31.7″


Mini Logo Chevron Astro Skateboard Deck 191 – 7.5″ x 31.375″


Safety first: Santa’s watching!

Regardless of skill level, every skater ought to invest in some quality safety gear. Luckily, we’ve got some rad equipment that will keep you up and about even if you experience a few bumps in the road while you break in your new skateboard. And if you’re getting someone else a skateboard for Christmas, throwing in a helmet or some knee pads is a subtle way of showing how much you care about his or her head and the ability to keep ripping.

Preferred safety gear:

187 Killer Pads Grey / Red Knee & Elbow Pad Set – Large / X-Large

ProTec Full Cut Skate Easy Rider Full Cut Skate Helmet – Small / 21.3″ – 22″


Dressed to Shred  

For those of you hoping to supplement fun Christmas gifts with more practical ones, we’ve got brand clothing in tons of different styles! Shop for your skater’s favorite threads among our t-shirts, beanies, belts, socks and more.

Top selections for clothing:

Primitive Skateboarding Autobots Black Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt – Medium


Psockadelic Jon Dickson Farm Dog Orange / Blue Crew Socks – One size fits most


Spitfire Wheels Classic Stripe Black / Grey Scarf


Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Grey Beanie Hat


Stocking Stuffers

Even jolly old St. Nick needs a leg-up sometimes during the holiday season. If you’re short on stocking stuffers, we’ve got some fun and handy products that are sure to brighten up the holiday by giving your skater a little something extra. Check out our inventory for some nifty, out-of-the-box accessories and extras to find what you need to fatten up those stockings.

Our favorites:

Bumbag Basic Groove Farm Purple Bumbag Fanny Pack Waist Bag


Nectar IPA Yellow Tortoise / Gold Polarized Sunglasses


Sk8ology Carabiner 2.0 Red / Black Multi-Purpose Skate Tool


We hope this guide helps you make some final decisions on gifts for friends and family. But, if you’re still stuck, our customer service reps are on hand to answer questions and make suggestions!

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