The 2017 Ultimate Skateboard Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of year again! Santa isn’t the only one making a list and checking it twice, and once you start to take stock of everything you need to buy, the to-dos just keep coming. You finally realize you should have started shopping… last month.

Don’t sweat it; we’ve got your back. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to give the skater on your list, check out some of our top picks listed below in the annual Holiday Buying Guide! Warehouse Skateboards has some of the best deals and varied skate supplies, so you can get the top products shipped right to your door in time to fill those stockings.

Build Your Own Board

Already know everything from decks to trucks and grip tape? Cool! If you feel confident constructing a quality board for a friend or family member, our custom board builder is the way to go. We take you through the process step by step; that way you don’t forget anything important and your board is ready to go upon delivery!

Complete Skateboards

Don’t have time to customize a board on your own? Or maybe you want to get something special for an experienced skater and haven’t got a clue what the differences between brand bearings and trucks are? No problem! Warehouse carries all the best brands of complete skateboards, assembled entirely before they even arrive on your doorstep, and the info to help you make a sound purchase.

Our favorite complete skateboards:

Darkstar Skateboards Ultimate White/Blue/Orange Complete Skateboard


Blind Skateboards Matte OG White/Red Complete Skateboard


Girl Skateboards Cory Kennedy 93 Till Infinity Complete Skateboard

Ready-made Cruisers

If you’re looking for something more suited for day-to-day commuting, or know someone who prefers to coast, consider one of our cruiser skateboards. Cruisers are a type of longboard, which means a longer deck and higher, looser trucks for a ride that actually mimics the sensation of surfing.

Top choices for cruiser complete skateboard brands: 

Globe Big Blazer 32 Lennon Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Sector 9 Ian Jepson Mini Fractal Cruiser Complete

Penny Skateboards Simpson Homer 27 Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Sweet Decks

We’ve got tons of awesome brands and designs for you to choose from, either for you or for someone on your shopping list. A new skateboard deck makes the perfect gift for an avid skater, especially since Santa can’t exactly bring a new one around every time your buddies take a beating for the sake of a trick!

Our top recommendations for skateboard decks:

Darkstar Skateboards Krampus Black Skateboard Deck – 8.125″ x 31.8″

Enjoi Skateboards Zack Wallin Suburban Outfitters Skateboard Deck Resin

Almost Skateboards Daewon Song Tim Face Skateboard Deck Resin

Safety first: Santa’s watching!

Regardless of your skill level, every skater ought to invest in some quality safety gear. Luckily, we’ve got some rad equipment to keep you up and about long after the last gifts have been opened. And if you’re getting someone a skateboard for Christmas, maybe drop a subtle hint to mind his or her head with the addition of some extra padding and protection.

Warehouse preferences in safety gear:  

Dress for the Weather  

For those of you hoping to supplement fun Christmas gifts with more practical ones, we’ve got threads in tons of different styles! Shop for your skater’s favorite companies among our t-shirts, beanies, belts, socks and more.

Top selections for clothing:

Creature Skateboards Support Patch Charcoal Beanie Hat

Alien Workshop OG Logo Slate Blue / Navy Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Medium

Kurb Socks Mens Saddle Blanket Black / Grey / Red Crew Socks – One size fits most

Cool Toys

Maybe you need a gift for someone who already has tons of skateboarding equipment, or a present for an exchange with some friends who are into shredding. Either way, Santa’s got nothing on our swag. Check out our stock for some nifty and out-of-the-box ideas.

Warehouse recommendations:    

Creature Skateboards Swim Club Black Green Tooth Speaker

JammyPack Black Utility Kit

Aluminati Skateboards 2.25″ X 14″ White Skateboard Door Hanger

Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes even the big guy in red needs a leg-up during the holiday season. If you’re short on stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered with some fun and handy products. These little tokens are sure to brighten up the holiday by giving your skater a little something extra. Shop all of our accessories and extras to find what you need to fatten up those stockings and lend a hand to old St. Nick.

Our favorites:

Silver Trucks Steve Caballero Black / Gold Multi-Purpose Skate Tool

Hotshot Handle Tripod Black Phone Case

Nectar Polarized Cypress Tortoise / Black Sunglasses

Toy Boarders Series 1 Snow Figures – 24 Piece

We hope this guide helps you make some final decisions on gifts for friends and family. But, if you’re still stuck, our customer service reps are on hand to answer questions and make suggestions!

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