How To Build A Skateboard


After you’ve chosen all the individual parts of your skateboard with our custom builder, it’s time to assemble your board. Follow these steps, and you’re on your way to becoming a serious skateboarder.


Materials Needed:


  • Gripped Skateboard Deck
  • Skateboard Hardware (Set of 8 Bolts and Nuts)
  • Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)
  • Set of Bearings (2 per Wheel; 8 Total)
  • Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
  • Skate Tool
  • Risers (Optional)
  • Screwdriver


Step 1: Install Truck Hardware


Pop the screw holes in the deck, insert all eight screws and turn your board over so that the bottom is facing up. If you’re installing risers, start by fitting those onto the screws.


Step 2: Attach Trucks


If you’re not installing risers, slip the baseplate into the screws to secure your trucks – and make sure your two trucks are facing each other (i.e. both kingpins are closer to the interior and away from the nose/tail). Fasten your hardware with your screwdriver while holding the nut with your skate tool. We recommend you secure screws in a X pattern – start with the upper left, then move to the lower right, and so on.


Step 3: Insert the Bearings into the Wheels


Remove the nut and washers from each truck axle, and place the bearings into the wheel hole and press down on the wheel to secure it in place. Then insert the bearing spacer inside the wheel from the opposite side, and repeat this process for the opposite side.


Step 4: Install the Wheels on the Trucks


Slip one washer over the skateboard trucks, followed by the complete wheel and the second washer. Use a skate tool to secure the wheel with a nut, which should allow the wheel to spin easily yet still secure it in place. Repeat this process on all four wheels and you’re done! To view a step-by-step video of this process, visit our help guide.

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