Huge Wheel Selection

2 years ago by

If your skateboard set up is ready for a new set of wheels, look no further. Warehouse Skateboards just got in a ton of new skateboard wheels from your favorite brand names including Bones Wheels, Spitfire and Ricta Wheels. If you’re a die hard Bones Wheels fan you’ll love the new Street Tech Formula Pro Models just released under the “Splat” series, featuring signature skateboard wheels for Chris Haslam, Kevin Romar, Matt Mumford and many others. For the Spitfire fans, we’ve restocked the new Formula Four wheels, which have been considered by many to be the strongest skateboard wheels on the market. Additionally we have plenty of team and pro models available from Spitfire as well. If Ricta Wheels are your weapon of choice, we’ve got the new “Speedring” wheels available, featuring signature models from Brandon Westgate, Nyjah Huston and David Gonzalez.

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