Battle At The Berrics Is Heating Up!

Yesterday’s Battle At The Berrics was easily one of the most heated games of skate we have ever witnessed between pros. ¬†Surprisingly, Eric Koston had accumulated 4 letters of S-K-A-T-E from the bag of tricks Morgan Smith was throwing down. ¬†You can never be too quick to judge Koston, which he proved to be true by making one of the best come backs The Berrics has seen yet. ¬†If you missed the epic battle, please feel free to check out the video below. ¬†Next up, Koston’s competing with Shane O’Neill. ¬†In other news, we just put a bunch of new products up for sale on the site, including Spring 2013 decks from Baker¬†and¬†Deathwish ! ¬†Push on!