How to Buy a Longboard Deck


Looking to assemble a longboard skateboard? You have come to the right place for help. Our Warehouse Skateboards Longboard Skateboard Buyers Guide is a great resource.

Longboard skateboards
are most commonly used for either downhill racing, slalom or transportation. Constructed and shaped completely different than a standard street skateboard, longboard skateboards allow for a larger, more stable stance when cruising around town or riding down hills. Below are the types of longboards skateboards in which you can choose to assemble your longboard skateboard.


Majority of people use a longboard as a means of transportation around town, making cruising and carving the streets the most popular form of longboarding today. Longboards tend to make carving streets much easier, because they provide a rider with greater weight distribution on the skateboard deck. This form of riding is focused more on getting from point A to point B, rather than speed.

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Freeriding keeps the rider going slower than that of downhill riding. Freeriding skateboards are set up to allow you to turn and slide easily. Most freeriding boards are shaped the same at the front and the back (nose and tail of the board) so that a rider can easily switch from riding forwards to backwards down an incline.

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Downhill racing is not for beginners. You can reach extremely high speeds when boarding, and wipeouts are “the normal.” Downhill skateboards tend to be flat and have long wheel bases to provide for greater stability. When selecting a downhill board, it is important to choose a deck that is stable at high speeds and doesn’t offer a lot of flex. As a reminder, it is vital that you wear protective gear when doing downhill racing. Not just a skateboard helmet, but protective skateboard pads as well.

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Slalom skateboards are most commonly used for carving through cones or race courses. If you enjoy speed and precision, then slalom skateboarding is for you. Slalom skateboards are used almost exclusively for competitive skateboarding, but can certainly be used for fun as well.

Long Distance

Long distance boards tend to be nimble, streamlined and very light weight. They are used to gain pushing power while keeping you in control. Long distance longboards typically have an extra low height dropped deck to help go greater distances. Similar in shape to the slalom board; however, sometimes slightly longer.


Boardwalking is a popular freestyle skating, where a rider can do tricks and maneuver well on the skateboard deck. These longboards are typically between 40″ and 60″ in length and have a concaved center with a kick tail or nose.


If you’re a novice skater certainly take the time to check out our Longboard Buying Guide, as well as our selection of pre-assembled complete longboards.

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