Creature Introduces New P2 Skate Decks

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Look out! Creature has jumped on the bandwagon and is now pushing P2 constructed decks, but only because they are the best constructed decks on the market. We should be getting them in stock soon, so be the first to get one.

dfg1 Creature Introduces New P2 Skate Decks

One Response to “Creature Introduces New P2 Skate Decks”

  1. Boom says:

    When they make an 8.6 or 8.8 with a 14.5 WB I am in.

    Btw, please tell me the WB of the following regular wood decks:
    Threat (by Zero) 8.5″
    Threat (by Zero) 8.375″
    Think (Tag) 8.5″
    Skate Warehouse SW logo deck 8.5″