Theeve TiH Trucks Arriving Any Day!

5 years ago by

The new Theeve TiH Titanium Axeless Hanger Skateboard Trucks should be arriving any day now. Because of the demand we will only be getting a limited supply of them in stock, so keep checking the site for them to come in stock under our New Arrivals. We are not taking pre-orders so it will be a first come, first serve process.Capture copy Theeve TiH Trucks Arriving Any Day!

4 Responses to “Theeve TiH Trucks Arriving Any Day!”

  1. jlong says:

    Any word on release date?

  2. Chops says:

    jlong….they are long overdue…I want my set too!!!

  3. jlong says:

    they must be have production issues. If i have to wait much longer I am just going to buy a pair a Thunder Titanium trucks

  4. Chops says: