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Nyjah Huston Takes the Win at 1st Street League Stop


Who would have thought the youngest person on the League would have won at the first stop? 150,000 dollars cash prize to the winner isn’t a bad purse at all.  Here at the results from the first stop of the Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy:

Final Results:

(1) Nyjah Huston – 116 points – $150,000
(2) Shane O’Neill – 114.9 points – $80,000
(3) Torey Pudwill – 112.8 points – $25,000
(4) Sean Malto – 111.0 points – $10,000
(5) Chris Cole – 109.6 points – $7,500
(6) Chaz Ortiz – 102.2 points – $6,000
(7) Paul Rodriguez – 100.1 points – $5,500

Best Trick Bonus Breakdown:

Creative Section: Peter Ramondetta – Ollie Impossible 50/50, 6.2 pts ($5000)

Line Section: Shane O’Neill – Nollie Backside Heel over the gap then Switch 360 Flip down the stairs, 6.3 pts ($5000)

Tech Section: Shane O’Neill – Nollie Kickflip Noseslide 270 shove-it – 6.9 pts ($5000)

Big Section: Tie between Chris Cole and Nyjah Huston (7.5 pts each). Chris Cole gap out to 180 switch feeble. Nyjah Huston gap out to big spin flip boardslide. In the event of a tie, the next best trick determines the bonus. Chris Cole’s three sixty flip 50-50 on the big section hubba edged out Nyjah’s second best trick. ($5000)

Overall Best Trick: Chris Cole gap out to FS 180 switch bs feeble on the kinked rail. ($5000)

See how it really went down on ESPN2 on September 15th at 5PM PT, 8PM ET!