Theeve Titanium Truck Co. Stepping Up

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The Theeve Crew has stopped messing around.  Along with producing some of the lightest trucks on the market, they have also stepped up their team.  This week Darrell Stanton has joined Tony Hawk, Matt Mumford, Johnny Layton, Garrett Hill, Dan Murphy, Gareth Stehr, Chad Barti and Ben Raybourn on the mission to represent Theeve Trucks. Theeve is also coming out with the TiH Trucks weighing in at 9.7 oz, made with complete titanium and an axeless hanger. They are going to be a bit pricey but should last longer than any other truck on the market. Get your Theeve Titanium Trucks today at Warehouse Skateboards!

Stanton Theeve Titanium Truck Co. Stepping Up

TiH Theeve Titanium Truck Co. Stepping Up

2 Responses to “Theeve Titanium Truck Co. Stepping Up”

  1. jesse says:

    when do these come out

  2. Chops says:

    Sometime Mid August