What? Almost Double Impact Support is Coming….

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Look out guys, Almost Skateboards is coming out with the Double Impact Support! With the Double Impacts, they are using a single deck press which ensures that every deck feels exactly the same. Traditionally, Almost uses a 5 deck press resulting in a slight variation in each deck. The Original Impact Series includes 2 carbon fiber strips of discs which lay over the traditional breakage areas. With the Double Impact Models, Almost is adding a full top sheet of the same carbon fiber material on the top ply of the deck with their Resin-6 Epoxy Construction.

The idea is to have a stronger, lighter deck that will have unmatched pop and impact resistance. Check out the new Double Impact Ad below in the new Transworld April Issue. We should be getting them in any time now, so hold your horses!

dimpactad What? Almost Double Impact Support is Coming....

14 Responses to “What? Almost Double Impact Support is Coming….”

  1. pedro santiago says:

    personally i have skated a p2 deck a geoff rowley 7.5 and i have skated a daewon impact boarde 7.5. Both of these boardes are crazy good i had my p2 deck for a month and a half.and i am still with my impact boarde. the truth is that a p2 deck will get you higher off the ground than an impact boarde. But they seem to be able to snap easier just by a little bit like when i skate the stairs in my city. the boarde seems to flex more when i land my trick but with an impact boarde they last longer and when you land the pressure from the land flows to one of the rings on your deck so an impact boarde for me is better for me if you do stairs or ledges. but if you skate kickers or funbox you should skate a p2 deck.

  2. Alex Stone says:

    I have a Daewon double impact deck. Im a pretty big guy to be skating at 6’4 hah I bought the deck because I wanted something that would decrease my chances of board breaking. I have to say that even with sketchy landings these decks are GREAT. Skateboards are skateboards therefor they will EVENTUALLY break, but I like to think mine will last for awhile.

  3. matt says:

    ya dude i had a double impact deck for a while i liked it the only thing that kinda sucks about is they chip a little easier than just wood decks cuz the top layer is carbon fiber and the bored was super flat i wish it had more concave

  4. Chris says:

    The double impact is Really niceee… nice pop, but does anybody else find themselves having a harrd time fliping the board??? Cause I dooo