15 Gifts Every Skater Wants For V-Day


In case you haven’t heard, Cupid is MIA. So we decided to save V-Day with these 15 awesome gift ideas that will definitely melt the heart of any skater. Ooo and awe that special someone this Valentine’s Day, or just grab one of these sweet skateboard decks, wheels or bacon smothered donuts for yourself.

1. Habitat Melange Skateboard Deck Series.

Fresh off the shelves for Spring 2015, Habitat Skateboards new Melange Deck Series is a real crowd pleaser. With a full run of decks from their pro team, you’ve got plenty of boards to chose from! The Melange Series includes custom designs from  Al Davis Melange (8.12″ x 31.125)Brian Delatorre (8.5″ x 31.5″)Danny Garcia (8″ x 31.5″)Daryl Angel (8.12″ x 31.75″)Marius Syvanen (7.87″ x 1.125″)Mark Suciu (8″ x 31.5″)Silas Baxter-Neal (7.75″ x 31.125″) and Stefan Janoski (8.25″ x 31.125″). Check out Habitat’s video below and find the perfect Habitat skateboard deck for your skaters V-Day gift.

2. Plan B True DVD

You can’t go wrong with one of the seasons best selling DVDs. Plan B True takes skateboarding to the next level, exploring the progression of skateboarding since 1991. Need proof? Check out the trailer below. And don’t forget to grab a copy and get your skater amped for their next shred session today!

3. Pizza

No explanation needed for something this delicious.

Cheese Pizza

But if it starts taking the shape of a heart… Stop. That’s just too much.

heart shaped pizza

4. Mob Grip Wolf Pack Grip Tape. 

No skaters’ wolf pack is complete without Mob Grip Wolf Pack Grip Tape. Joining forces with, Mob Grip produced this vintage graphic grip tape featuring a collage of wolves howling at the moon and lurking through the forest. Throwback it back to the 80’s this Valentine’s Day with this new skateboard grip tape from Mob Grip.

mob grip wolf pack grip tape

5. Enjoi Burrito Mask T-Shirt. 

It’s a no brainer when your favorite food item is rocking a lucha libre fighting mask on a t-shirt from your favorite skateboard brand. Step up your skaters style with this game changer: the Burrito Mask T-Shirt from Enjoi Skateboards.

Enjoi Skateboards Burrito Mask T-Shirt

6. California Burrito

Because Enjoi’s burrito t-shirt made us hungry. And who can resist a burrito that’s filled with carne asada, french fries, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and optional sour cream?

california burrito

7. Grizzly Rescue Patrol Skate Backpack. 

This is the ultimate backpack for any skater. The Grizzly Rescue Patrol Backpack features roomy compartments that’ll fit all of your skater’s gear, pizzas and burritos, and is super durable for that extra though love. Grab this skateboarding essential from Grizzy for your skater today.

grizzly rescue patrol skate backpack8. Baker Louie Bucket Hat. 

In case you didn’t hear, bucket hats are all the rage this Spring. Okay maybe not “the rage” but these functional, sun blocking hats are definitely making a comeback. Keep your skaters hair and sun out of their face or help them hide their bald spot while skating with  Baker Skateboards Louie Bucket Hat.


baker louie bucket hat


9. Spitfire Formula 4 Classic Wheels.

You can’t go wrong with these classics. As one of our top sellers, Spitfire Wheels Formula 4 Classics will make any skaters heart speed. These high-performance skateboard wheels will also allow them to skate harder and faster with the responsiveness and control of a pro. Grab a set of these Spitfire Wheels and let the good times roll.


Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels

10. Maple Bacon Donuts.

No one can resist the heavenly, delicious, sweet yet salty, bacon smothered donuts. So good they should be illegal.


11. Independent 139 Lo Raw Skate Trucks.

There’s no question why Independent Truck Company is one of our best selling skateboard trucks. The Lo Raw Trucks are durable and light with a low profile for technical street skating. These babies are built to grind!

independent lo trucks

12. Bones Swiss Bearings. 

If your skater has a need for speed, Bone Swiss Precision Skate Bearings are the perfect gift. These top of the line, competition bearings come with lubricated Speed Cream that will keep them going all day and night.

bones swiss skateboard bearings

13. Unit Blacker Skate Tool. 

It’s simple. The skater in your life deserves the #1 skateboard tool. This is the gift that keeps on giving so grab a Unit Skate Tool this V-Day.

unit skate tool


14. Warehouse Skateboards Gift Card.

Give the gift they really want with a Warehouse Skateboards e-Gift Card. Delivered straight to your inbox, e-Gift Cards are fast, easy and allows your skater to pick out the gear they love. e gift card

15. Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Issue.

You’re welcome.

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