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Warehouse Skateboards

Legends Making Moves

By Graham Williams In: Catalog, Fun Stuff, Industry News, New Arrivals, Pro Skaters and Sponsors, Products, Warehouse Skateboards

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has been making some interesting moves within the past couple of months. On January 14, Independent Trucks announced that Hawk had re-signed with the Indy team after more than 30 years of separation. Tony’s first truck sponsor was, in fact, Independent, before he became the figure who rolled Tracker trucks into the  Continue Reading »

Birdhouse Launches New Website and Adds Pro Clint Walker

By Sean In: Industry News, New Arrivals, Pro Skaters and Sponsors, Warehouse Skateboards

Birdhouse brings a new website and team rider into the New Year. Birdhouse Skateboards and Tony Hawk welcome Clint Walker to the team with the welcome video below. We haven’t seen any major updates to the Birdhouse product line in the past year, so hopefully this year they will throw some different designs into the  Continue Reading »

How to Impossible Flip

By Sean In: Tips & Tricks

This is one of my all-time favorite tricks to pull off, but takes time to learn how to do it correctly. Here we go. Place your feet on the board like you were about to do your normal ollie. But instead of popping the board like your normal ollie, you are rolling the board around your back foot  Continue Reading »