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Warehouse Skateboards

Check out Warehouse Skateboards new do-it-yourself skateboard videos!

By Mike In: Videos and Clips, Warehouse Skateboards

New to building your own complete skateboard? Warehouse Skateboards just uploaded some instructional videos to make sure you get your gear together the right way. Even pros might learn some helpful tricks for fast and easy skateboard assembly. Check it out! Here’s what you’ll need: Skateboard Deck Skateboard Grip tape File or Screwdriver Razor blade  Continue Reading »

Bamboo skateboards make skating greener

By Mike In: Fun Stuff

You’re already saving gas and cutting emissions by skateboarding instead of driving to get where you need to go. How can you be even greener? Consider a bamboo skateboard made from one of the world’s fastest growing renewable resources. Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant, which means the materials used to make bamboo skateboards are  Continue Reading »

Build your own custom complete skateboard

By Mike In: Fun Stuff

If you’re a novice skater and you want to build a custom complete board, you might want to check out our selection of pre-assembled complete skateboards first. Checking out some preassembled boards will give you a sense of what size deck goes with what size trucks, wheels, etc. If you’re a seasoned skater, you probably  Continue Reading »

Choosing a preassembled complete skateboard

By Mike In: Build a Skateboard

Preassembled complete skateboards are great for novice skaters who want a board with all the right parts. They’re also great for the skate-masters who know precisely what they want, since many completes are built with components from top skateboard brands. There are different types of skateboards for different types of riding. Here’s a rundown on  Continue Reading »